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Friday, 21 June 2019

6 advantages of being a solopreneur

In the present world, most people do not even hear the word solopreneur because it is an emerging concept. This comes to use in recent years. Solopreneur is actually an entrepreneur who runs their business all by themselves and work alone. Solopreneurs do not have any employees to look after whereas an entrepreneur has employees and responsible for the daily operation of their company. Now, many people want to become a solopreneur because it has a lot of advantages. There are no managers, team leaders or supervisors who look after your work. There is no one pushing you to complete the targets and fulfill the expectations of your company. Basically, they want to become their own boss.
6 advantages of being a solopreneur
Here are 6 advantages of being a solopreneur

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1. The demand is growing

Freelance work is ever growing drastically in the present time. In the next few years, freelance work will increase more. It is said that freelancers will remove the employees by the executives. On LinkedIn and Twitter people started using the word solopreneur in their bios. Freelancers are banding together and, on the rise, and even the solopreneurs are never alone.

2. Flexible schedule

It is very simple for solopreneurs to fix their schedule as per their convenience. This is not possible when you have a boss. You have to worry about yourself and fixing your schedule when you work as an employee. The choosing of schedule depends on you and you know when and how to work productively. In this way, solopreneurs have the flexibility in balancing their professional and personal life just the way you want.

“The best way to effectively use time is to schedule it.” ― Sunday Adelaja

3. Create own marketplace

This new trend is emerging as many startups are industry specific. They are polishing their skilled and experienced people to these companies. Now there is act as a not middleman as the company is going to create their own marketplace online. You have the flexibility in selecting the project they want.

“You change your business plan to anticipate and adapt to changes in the marketplace.”  ― Jon Feltheimer

4. Quick decision

In combination with flexibility, there is speed in implementation. As the execution start immediately because you are your own boss. You can easily determine your goals and strategies that are required to complete the aims of the company. You can easily react to the prevailing opportunities and increase the efficiency of the company as a business solely depends on you.

5. No limit of earning

Employees have to satisfy themselves with the rise in pay unless they receive a commission or a performance bonus. Whereas freelancers are earning even more than 40 percent than the employees and even more in the coming years. Not every freelancer makes much money but their purpose remains high.

6. Freedom to work

Being a solopreneur, there is a lot of freedom and one of that there is freedom to work and the way they want to work. The technology makes it possible to work anywhere or anytime just by sitting in a home. But you need only a Wi-Fi connection to perform your work. It could any desk, bench, park or anywhere. You can travel as well and perform your work.

“There is no substitute for hard work. Never give up. Never stop believing. Never stop fighting.”  ― Hope Hicks


Being a solopreneur, you do not feel work as boring and even more, you enjoy your work. There is no boundation or limit your schedule to work at the same time always. You are your own boss. You can set your plans as per your wish and make money. It just a matter of enjoying.

Hence, I have shared 6 advantages of being a solopreneur. Which one of the above do you like the most? If you like the article, then share with your friends and relatives.

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