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Sunday, 2 June 2019

6 distractions that reduce your productivity and how to rid them

Everyone plans for the new day before going to bed that the things I will accomplish it the following day. But what we do that we forget about our plans and pass our whole day without execution of our plans. Not completing our planned work reduce our productivity level and tell us how we are unproductive in our life. Interestingly an average person works for 8-hour in a day. It becomes difficult for an average person to keep the same level of concentration, focus and productive all the time. There are many distractions come in our way that will reduce our productivity level and lead to drop down within several hours in a day.
It does not matter how experienced as a worker you are. Everyone will distract from work and lead not to complete your work. If you are stay focused and concentrated in your work then it will help you to climb a ladder of success although it will not affect your performance.

1. A conjected Workplace
Believe me or not, it will really affect your productivity level. Interestingly, an average person spends at least 10 years of his lifetime. They will work more and productivity if they are more physically and emotionally desire to work for. If you do not have proper workplace then it will reduce your productivity even if you do not know it. The unproper and toxic workplace affect your productivity and well-being.

Solution: Organize your workplace

It is most important to organize your desk where you are working. It should not be filled completely and should have proper space and neat and clean. Decorate your desk in such a way that motivate and inspire you to work. Use shelves and lockers in order to keep your documents and office stuff. You can adjust brightness in order to reduce your eye strain. Take a chair that will maintain your back straight and comfortable allowing you to work.

2. Coffee breaks
Around 20% of workers take coffee breaks while working. This is the second most distraction that most of the workers agree. Don’t you agree that grabbing a cup of coffee, you will become coffee-addict and you are consuming caffeine. Although drinking coffee will boost and improve your focus but it will reduce your productivity.

Solution: Use alternatives to coffee

Although it is not compulsory to change your schedule of drinking coffee. You can drink coffee before the workday. It is better to drink a coffee alone as it will reduce your time in drinking. Use alternatives to the source of caffeine. There are many sources of caffeine that will boost your mind. For example- replace coffee with chocolate. Although coffee will reduce your productivity and waste a lot of time on this habit. Thus, you can reduce this habit and see your results.

3. Multitasking
If you think that doing multiple tasks at the same time become you more productive in your work. Then it is bad news for you. Actually, there is 2% person in the world that are multitasking. Switching of tasks lead to shifting attention between tasks and you need to spend more time in gaining your attention and setting focus on your work. Gradually it will lead to reducing your productivity.

Solution: Focus on one task at a time

It is important to learn to say “no” to people as many people do not know how to refuse to help others. By saying no to people, you will able to focus on your task completely and gradually it will increase your productivity and focus in your work.

4. Social Media
How many times you use social media in a day? 10? 20? 50? There is a sharp increase in the number of social media accounts and user’s day by day. Nearly an average person spends 2 hours a day on social media. Although this will reduce your productivity by 13% of the total efficiency.

Solution: Set limits for social media

You can set limits for using social media accounts. By setting limits, it will make your discipline in your life and help you to increase your productivity. You can stop texting at a time of your work as texting and replying will drain your productivity. You can turn off the notifications for your social media accounts while you are working. As for liking someone on your Instagram or Facebook account will not increase your productivity. So, it is time to stop wasting your efforts in your social media accounts. If you want to become productive then stop using your social media accounts when you are working.

5. Noisy environment
Unless you are freelancer, this is the most irritating distraction. It is true that you can control the people who create noise but you should know how to deal with those people in order not to reduce your productivity.

Solution: Express your views

It is important for noisy people to know how much you are irritated. There is nothing bad in expressing your views on noise to your noisy coworkers. For example- you can suggest them to use online chats by making groups or organize business meetings instead of making noise. You can use headphone as it blocks noise. Teamwork is helpful but the noisy environment cannot make you productive. So, block the noisy environment without a doubt.

6. Procrastination
You even do not know how your productivity will reduce if you are a chronic procrastinator. Ultimately it will affect your productivity and time-management skills. In such a way, you cannot able to meet your targets goals and deadlines. In this way, it will increase your efforts and time.

Solution: Take breaks

It is important to keep the balance between your life and your hectic work schedule. You can take breaks and enjoy your life if needed. You can practice time management skills as it is impossible to maintain time always. Different theories are available in order to learn time management skills. In this way, it will make you productive by avoiding procrastination.


Now you must know about the 6 distractions that reduce your productivity and how to rid them. I am sure that you will stay focus and productive after reading it. Let me know from you which one do you like the most and if you know other distractions then please tell us via comments.

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